Synopsis:  This film plays in year 2080. Triangulum is a country with very rigid rules. Laughing and dancing are forbidden. Every citizen has to eat special nutrition cubes. Everybody who doesn’t follow the laws will endure severe consequences. The protagonist was a good citizen for her entire life. But one day a coincidence will change her life forever.

shoot at alte messe, leipzig

Film-making during COVID-19 lockdown:

This short was produced while most of the population stayed at home. These circumstances change the way how films are made. Besides the required COVID tests, masks, disinfectants, the legal prerequisites must be followed. The premiere was performed via YouTube Live Premiere function, people connected from the whole world.

Making Of: We only had one day to shoot the shortfilm. The storyboard was developed by me a few days before. The outside location is the old fair of Leipzig, (Saxony-Germany). These old buildings were built during soviet union. The inside location „log cabin“ is part of a super outdoor/indoor bar based in the west of Leipzig. The owners of „Zum Wilden Heinz“ were very kind and lend us their cabin for some hours. This also gave some life to the – due to COVID regulations – closed bar. The second inside location was simply my own kitchen. We removed everything to underline the „coldness“ factor. This is the reason why there is no counter shot – all the kitchen stuff was placed on the other side of the room 😉

technical details:

camera: Sony A6300 @4k25FPS 28-70mm lens; mostly autofocus; SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB SD; external screen by Feelworld (touch 1080p); gimbal: Feiyutech AK4000 with dual handle; lights: 6 portable LED NEEWER filmlights; software: Davinci Resolve 17 Studio; pc: AMD Ryzen 5600X, 64GB RAM, RTX3060 12GB, 1tb Corsair NVME SSD